scorecard – English enclosures

English enclosures

The top 3 most important points that your agenda needs to get accomplished in the negotiation for this scenario.

  1. No violence involves in English enclosures.
  2. People who move out of the land should get an equal and fair job
  3. Government and nobilities should not force people to move out.

The 3 points that your agenda would like to get accomplished but isn’t a priority for this scenario.

  1. People don’t get despised after they move into a city.
  2. Government should provide necessary goods for those farmers.
  3. People have the right to decide whether they want to move or not.

The 3 points that your agenda wouldn’t like to happen but your agenda wouldn’t be terribly upset if it did happen for this scenario.

  1. Government takes the ownership of lands.
  2. Farmers are treated differently than others
  3. Farmers don’t get any freedom of choices.

The 3 points that your agenda absolutely would not accept with this scenario.

  1. Violence involves in English enclosures
  2. People don’t get any jobs to survive
  3. Government doesn’t give any aids.

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