My Fourth Learning Log

This was my first time of doing the PBL, and I have not done any of this kind of project before. I didn’t do the PBL at grade 8, so I can’t determine whether I was more successful or not. My successes are the efficiency of collecting informations, and I only spent 2 days on my product due to the topic I chose was relatively small. My shortcomings are I was not focusing on the project all the time during classes and I was kind of struggling on how am I suppose to summarize or paraphrase the articles. I sometimes found so many irrelevant informations. I am that proud of my final product, because I could have make it nicer; however, I am still proud of myself as this was the first time. I learned some researching techniques as I was looking up informations. I also learned that I should not put all the works in the last moment. Next time, I will try not to finish all the works at the night before the due day and find the useful informations accurately rather than browsing some irrelevant things


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