Driving Questions

In what aspects did the Xinhai revolution change China? Xinhai revolution was like a turning point of the modern and ancient China, and it was considered as one of the most significant revolution which happened in China. There are basically 6 different kind of areas of how xinhai revolution change China. First of all, political influence. The xinhai revolution not only overturned the domination of the Qing Dynasty and overthrew the autocratic monarchy which had ruled China for several thousand years, but also led to the founding of the Republic of China. This resulted in greater public freedoms, and also broadened the horizons of China’s intellectuals as they sought to overturn the domination of imperialism and feudalism. Secondly, ideological influences. Xinhai Revolution is like The Enlightenment from the aspect of ideology. Since thousands years ago, emperor was the only authority in China. As Xinhai Revolution overthrew autocratic monarchy, it caused a huge impact on Chinese traditional political thinking and core values, like confucianism and Taoism. Therefore, people, especially like intellectuals were anxious as the culture authority disappeared. As a result of it, anarchism, liberalism, and socialism became the new belief of the most of intellectuals. Thirdly, economic influences. The working class increased 100,000 people right after the Xinhai Revolution, and led China becomes the world second large economy in nowadays. After the establishment of Republic of China, millions of industrial and monetary corporations were established. The economy of national capitalism was increased dramatically and observably in few years.Fourth, social influences. People were not manipulated by this society anymore and first time realized the concept of republic. Chinese people now have the freedom of speech and religions, which greatly enhance the human rights. The concept of democracy went so deeply into people’s mind; therefore, whoever wants to be a emperor or restore the autocratic monarchy would collapsed so fast by the opposition of people. Fifth, Xinhai Revolution extensively influenced the national liberation movement in Asia, especially the anti- colonialism in Vietnam and Indonesia. last but not least, culture influences. Girl don’t have to warp their feet anymore. Boysdon’t have to have their long hair anymore. We don’t have to kowtow elders anymore.


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